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Guideway Care Helps OCM Participants Exceed Navigation Requirements With a Superior Patient Experience

Guideway Care is presenting at a regional Oncology Care Model (OCM) and Healthcare Reform Summit Meeting on July 12, 2017 at UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Wallace Tumor Institute building. The purpose of this event is to better prepare participants for OCM, MACRA, OPPS, and the value-based care delivery programs of the future. The introduction of CMS’ Oncology Care Model is recognition of the...

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UAB Expands Cancer Navigation Program Nationally With Guideway Care

Read this story online and see photo at www.uab.edu/news . The UAB News Studio is available for live or taped interviews with UAB experts.   BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Every diagnosis of cancer comes with fear, anxiety, even confusion. Patients are faced with crucial decisions and have an urgent need for information they can trust. Most of all, patients need someone to help guide them through the complex...

Cancer, Cancer Navigation, Care Guidance, OCM, Oncology, Oncology Care Model, Patient Care Connect, Patient Navigation, Readmissions, UAB Medicine

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