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COVID-19 vaccination
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The COVID-19 Vaccine Is Available—Now What?

With the COVID-19 vaccine roll out intensifying, the hard work of getting vaccines to patients is left, in large part, to providers. The complexity of the task is just like the pandemic–unpre…
Preventive Screenings, Cancer Screenings
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Delayed Cancer Screenings Lead to Dramatic Decrease in Newly Diagnosed Patients

LexisNexis Highlights How Stay at Home Orders Have Impacted Preventive Screenings, Diagnoses Information and analytics provider LexisNexis recently reported that stay-at-home orders have led to ala…
The Radiation Oncology Model: What Providers Need to Know
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RO-APM: What Providers Need to Know

CMS recently announced the Radiation Oncology Model (RO Model or RO-APM), a mandatory, episode-based payment model for radiotherapy (RT) services. CMS states that the goals of the model are to “imp…
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Partnership Increases Access, Support for COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Platform BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Aug 5, 2020: Guideway Care today announced a new partnership with the University of Alabama at Birmingh…
Coding COVID-19 Claims | A healthcare worker in protective gear conducts a lab test.
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Coding COVID-19 Claims

Healthcare providers are working tirelessly to care for patients during the COVID-19 crisis. Many are isolated from their families so they can take care of our families. Supporting them are countle…
COVID-19 Pre-screening | Elderly Man Reading Messages on Smartphone

COVID-19 Pre-screening: The Importance of Proactive Outreach

In a situation report released on March 11th 2020, the World Health Organization characterized the quickly spreading novel coronavirus (COVID-19) a pandemic.¹ With the number of COVID-19 cases risi…
Is There a Nursing Shortage? | Nurse Kneeling Down Talking to Patient in Wheelchair

Is There a Nursing Shortage?

Throughout the twentieth century and into the present day, there have been periodic nursing shortages. Shortages of these crucial clinical team members pose pressing challenges for healthcare organ…
Changing Patient Behavior: Identifying and Addressing Barriers | Man Breaking Cigarette in Half

Changing Patient Behavior: Identifying and Addressing Barriers

When treating certain health conditions, physicians are faced with the challenge of motivating patients to change their behaviors. Successful management of lifestyle diseases, such as obesity, hear…
Low-Value Care | Patient in a CT Scanner
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Low-Value Care: What It Is, and 3 Strategies to Reduce It

The phrase “low-value care” is frequently tossed around in discussions of healthcare spending, and there are whole initiatives dedicated to reducing the use of low-value services in clinical settin…
Reducing Hospital Readmissions: 5 Strategies | Nurse Helping Patient Out of Bed

Reducing Hospital Readmissions: 5 Strategies

Armed with this data, healthcare providers can take additional steps to minimize high-risk patients’ chances of readmission. This might mean involving the patient’s family in post-discharge care in…