Risk Bearing Entities

Decrease Total Cost of Care, Improve CAHPS Scores, and Improve Operational Performance.

Engaging in risk-based agreements – direct contracting, delegated risk, or accountable care is a significant undertaking. It requires operational focus on managing populations, as well as patients. Often under-resourced, risk-bearing entities rely on Guideway to provide an operational component to drive total cost of care performance, while reducing operating budgets. We reduce expense and deliver results.

Delivering a comprehensive suite of solutions to manage operational cost and population health optimization.



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over 10 years

Risk Bearing Entity Partners

Positive Return on Investment Guaranteed

Guideway Benefits
  • Decrease avoidable utilization

  • Leverage purpose-built predictive analytics

  • Improve CAHPS scores

  • Decrease care navigation expense

  • Unsure network steerage to control cost and quality

  • Increase clinical capacity

  • Capture RAF score revenue

  • Grow attributed member populations

Predictive Analytics

Our predictive analytics allow us to identify and engage with patients / members who are likely going to the primary drivers of total cost of care.

Extend Staffing

Our Care Guides eliminate 80% of the non-clinical patient engagement work, allowing your clinicians to operate more efficiently.

Decrease Total Cost of Care

For over 10 years Guideway has partnered with value-based care organizations to reduce the total cost of care for their patients / members.

Our Model


Guideway’s operating model is based on using human interaction, driven by its proprietary patient activation platform. We work with our client partners to customize our engagement to integrate and augment their current care management workflows. The result is a seamless implementation and execution, which drives optimal patient and financial outcomes.

Skilled Care Guides

Guideway utilizes personality and cognitive tests to hire optimal Care Guides. After extensive training in motivational interviewing and Respecting Choices, Care Guides resolve patient / member barriers related to Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) and disparities, overcome clinical and non-clinical barriers to quality care and promptly address the physical, practical, emotional, informational, spiritual and familial issues that impact patient outcomes.

Proprietary Patient Activation Platform

Guideway’s proprietary platform automates protocols to uncover both non-clinical and clinical issues and barriers for Care Guides. The platform automates the ingestion of tasks, the next step process, clinical escalation, and barrier resolution. The automated prompting and workflow design allows the Care Guides to build peer-to-patient relationships, while stacking non-clinical and clinical assessments in structured reportable data.

Patients & Members

Guideway’s mission is to achieve health equity for all patients by effectively addressing Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) and disparities, and proactively resolving non-clinical and clinical barriers to quality care. Patients / members who need our assistance don’t typically ask for it, but deserve and appreciate the peer-to-patient relationship. Our Care Guides work with our patients to improve their lives on a daily basis.

Partner Clinical Teams

Guideway Care guides act as an extension of our client partners’ clinical teams, allowing them to operate at the highest level of their license. We collaborate with our partners both in the implementation, as well as the execution of our Service as a Solution. We are able to resolve non-clinical patient barriers and automate the escalation of clinical patient barriers to our partner clinical teams.


Guideway integrates with client partners both operationally and technologically. Our implementation process ensures that we conform to our client partners’ workflows, so we can seamlessly operate within their environment. Our technology integrates with EHR/EMR and care management platforms to provide bidirectional interfaces, prompts and alerts.

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