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Guideway Care CEO, Craig Parker, Selected to Present at Health Insights Fall Forum, Addresses Growing Need for Alternative Care Approaches

Craig Parker

Guideway Care’s chief executive officer, Craig Parker, will co-present with David Randall, chief strategy officer, UAB Health System at the Health Insights Fall 2022 Forum, Thursday, October 27, New Orleans, LA. Parker will share Guideway Care’s perspectives and experiences in alternative patient interaction methods – from care at home to non-clinical navigation, and will share operational, financial and clinical successes and failures to lessons learned along the way.

Parker will present data that points to the necessity of balancing technology and human patient interaction, as technology by itself in an incomplete tool because not every patient can or will use offered technology engagement. He will then review opportunities to integrate performance management and structured reporting to help tie ROI to enhanced patient interaction programs. Health Insights is a time-tested organization of diverse industry-leading executives and influencers, comprised of providers, suppliers and supporters of the healthcare industry, from up-and-coming to seasoned C-suite executives, united to inspire and improve healthcare quality, delivery and outcomes, through participation in timely and highly relevant education opportunities, professional networking and mentoring, and development of personal relationships across the industry.

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Addresses Growing Need for Alternative Care Approaches

Transitioning care from a hospital or clinic-centric model to alternative means of access and engagement including telehealth, care at home, hybrid approaches and new care settings raises many challenges that need meaningful solutions. While we certainly see benefits in offering new access paths, it’s clear to anyone working in the space that not all patients can take advantage of new delivery models without guidance and assistance. It’s also clear that the new delivery models must win the confidence of patients and providers to reach their full potential.

Guideway Care’s approach to care addresses the entire spectrum of a person’s health, including socioeconomic challenges. We recognize that at-risk populations may be especially vulnerable to issues and barriers to access and delivery of care associated with social determinants of health (SDoH), such as race, ethnicity, language proficiency, age, socioeconomic status, place of residence and disability. Our Care Guides provide incredible value, supporting all patients with information and an amplified level of guidance that enables each person to make better decisions about their own health based upon their individual needs. It’s a proven approach for advancing health equity.

Guiding the Future of Healthcare

A care guidance solution requires collaboration with like-minded partners dedicated to improving health and welfare for entire communities. As your partner, Guideway delivers on the promise of health equity.

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