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Client Partners

Improving Financial and Quality Performance by Resolving Patient Barriers in Value-Based Care.

Guideway partners with health care organizations to deliver on the promise of health equity through its unique combination of highly trained Care Guides and its patient activation platform. The efficient and effective Service as a Solution lowers operational expense and decreases total cost of care in Value-Based Care environments. Please contact us if you would like to hear more about our approach and outcomes.

Our Client Partners

Guideway serves as an extension into the home for our client partners, providing last mile visibility to deliver value-based care through the elimination of health inequities.
Our partnership is based upon rapid implementation, easy integration, and operational excellence and execution. 


Hospitals & Health Systems

We work with our hospital partners to decrease rehospitalizations under HRRP and improve their CAHPS scores.

Serious Illness Management Platform

Oncology Practices

We partner with oncology practices to improve visit adherence, operational performance, revenue growth, and patient satisfaction.

Risk Bearing Entities

Risk Bearing Entities

We partner with ACOs and other Direct Contracting Entities to improve patient outcomes, eliminate overutilization, and reduce readmissions.

24/7 Access


Our payer partners in Medicare Advantage work with us to decrease total cost of care, improve AWV rates, and boost CAHPS scores.

Connected, Coordinated Care

Bundle Participants

Our primary focus with our bundled payment partners is to improve outcomes and decrease avoidable acute care utilization.

Comprehensive, Whole-person Care

Behavioral Health

We work with our behavioral health partners to improve patient wellbeing, increase visit compliance, and ensure medication adherence. 

Delivering value for patients
and our client partners



Our Client Partners

Delivering Value Across the Entire Healthcare System

Guideway Care Benefits

  • Improve value-based care performance

  • Decrease care navigation expense

  • Increase clinical capacity

  • Raise patient satisfaction

  • Grow profitable revenue

  • Streamline appointment setting

  • Improve patient acquisition and retention

  • Reduce patient leakage

80% Decrease

Our Service as a Solution has a dramatic impact on operating expenses and staffing needs. We enable organizations to utilize their clinical staff at the highest level licensure.

30% Reduction

Total cost of care matters in value-based care environments. We are able to deliver significant savings to payers and providers taking risk for episodic or longitudinal cost.

99% Retention

Since Guideway was founded in 2017 we have retained 99% of our client partners. That accomplishment is the result of not only our outcomes, but also our partnership mindset and our focus on health equity.

Learn more about how we achieve health equity and financial results.