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Guideway Care: Pioneering Healthcare Solutions Beyond Boundaries

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At Guideway Care, innovation is not just a buzzword; it’s at the heart of what we do. We’re excited to share a recent feature in Employee Benefit Plan Review, written by our visionary CEO, Craig Parker, JD, CPA. The article delves into the transformative role of Care Guidance, redefining patient navigation and support in today’s dynamic healthcare landscape.

The Patient Navigation Paradox

Every healthcare institution has a patient navigation program—nurse navigation, care coordination, patient navigators—the list goes on. However, despite the myriad names, these programs often fall short. They can be expensive, lack scalability or simply don’t drive meaningful change in patient behavior. The question lingers: Why are these programs failing to deliver better value-based care results?

The crux lies in achieving meaningful patient activation. While many programs focus on engagement, true interaction often takes a back seat. This results in a trillion dollars of annual healthcare waste and avoidable readmissions, persistent challenges that demand a fresh perspective.

The Guideway Care Advantage

Guideway Care presents a transformative solution—a shift from conventional patient navigation to Care Guidance that addresses modern hospital and health plan challenges. By proactively identifying and solving non-clinical issues, our Care Guidance program goes beyond navigation, offering a unique solution-as-a-service.

Value of Outsourced Care Guidance

Partnerships with outsourced care guidance resources empower hospitals and group practices. Beyond navigation efforts, this solution-as-a-service comprehensively tackles operational and financial challenges across the provider ecosystem. It’s a rapidly emerging opportunity that aligns with the evolving needs of patients, employers and health plan payers.

A Solution for Hospitals

Collaboration between hospitals, providers, and care guidance teams creates a triad of care coordination and management. Our dedicated care guidance service supports hospitals by reaching and managing more patients, removing non-clinical tasks from the workload, ensuring compliance and reducing unnecessary service utilization. It’s a holistic approach that resonates with the demands of modern healthcare.

Challenges and Opportunities for Employers

Employers and benefit professionals face the challenge of sustaining health coverage as an affordable employee benefit. Guideway Care steps in as a strategic ally, offering extended support to alleviate critical nursing shortages, especially in the face of the national nurse shortage and its impact on healthcare organizations.

Priorities to Advance Health Equity

In today’s environment, advancing health equity is paramount. Care Guidance, with its emphasis on addressing social determinants and non-clinical factors, emerges as a key player. Data captures provide strategic insights, allowing for a tailored approach that meets the priorities of managed care and advanced payment models.

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A Care Guidance Partnership: A “Must-Have” Addition

Care guidance is no longer an option but a necessity. A well-designed program offers a cost- and time-effective connected care solution. It aligns with the “triple aim” of improving the care experience, advancing population health, and reducing the total cost of care. It’s where Guideway Care’s expertise adds unparalleled value to all stakeholders.

We invite you to explore the full spectrum of innovative healthcare solutions. The journey to better patient outcomes, enhanced care experiences, and operational excellence begins with a conversation. Let’s discuss how Guideway Care can navigate your organization toward a brighter, more efficient healthcare future.

Read Craig Parker’s insightful article here!

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