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Revolutionizing Chronic Care: Guideway Care’s Tina Graham Explores New Avenues in Group Practice Journal

We’re excited to share the latest insights from Guideway Care, as featured in Group Practice Journal. Tina Graham, COO, Guideway Care, delves into the transformative role of chronic care guidance within group practices, uncovering new revenue opportunities and enhancing patient connections.

The Landscape of Chronic Care Management
Tina starts by highlighting the evolving landscape of chronic care management (CCM) and the crucial role it plays, especially for patients with multiple chronic diseases. With a keen focus on value-based care, primary care and specialty practices find themselves at a pivotal connection point. The challenge lies in allocating time and resources to coordinate CCM effectively within the standards of delivery.

The Guideway Care Solution
Enter care guidance, an innovative approach that extends support to clinical staff, going beyond
the scope of traditional lay navigation. By leveraging technology, structured workflows and
highly trained care guides, practices discover new value in CCM with efficient results. This not
only improves patient satisfaction and retention but also contributes to overall health outcomes.

Human-Tech Synergy in Action
The success of care guidance lies in the seamless integration of specially selected and tech-
enabled “care guides.” These individuals establish a peer-to-patient connection, addressing the
human element crucial for effective patient interaction. Automated technology alone cannot
replace this personal touch, especially considering the diverse patient population’s needs and
potential limitations.

Billing and Reimbursement Opportunities
The article delves into the new revenue opportunities created by billing and reimbursement
procedures for CCM services. Tina emphasizes the importance of understanding these
procedures to ensure proper compensation for the valuable services provided. Care guidance
programs support various care management models, including principal care management,
annual wellness visits, remote patient management and total care management.

Addressing Nonclinical Barriers
Patients in CCM often face nonclinical barriers that hinder their ability to access, receive, and
adhere to chronic care. These barriers, rooted in social determinants of health (SDoH),
contribute significantly to health disparities. Care guidance, equipped to address these issues,
ensures a higher level of personalized and preventive care.

Extended and Expanded Support
The blog post underscores the collaboration among hospitals, providers, and care guidance
teams as essential for effective care coordination and management. By reaching and managing
more patients, removing nonclinical tasks from the workloads of clinical staff, and ensuring
proactive identification and resolution of potential issues, care guidance becomes an integral
part of the healthcare ecosystem.

The Technology Integration Advantage
Guideway Care emphasizes the incorporation of technology to support CCM, capturing strategic
insights and facilitating data analysis. An effective care guidance platform goes beyond
traditional electronic health record (EHR) systems, capturing SDoH data and disparity-related
barrier resolution for more comprehensive patient care.

The Value of Care Guidance Partnership
As Tina concludes, care guidance has become a “must-have” addition to the service line
portfolio of health systems and provider organizations. The partnership with a dedicated care
guidance provider offers a cost- and time-effective connected care solution. By focusing on the
“triple aim” of improving the care experience, advancing population health and reducing the total
cost of care, care guidance delivers unparalleled value to all stakeholders.

As your partner, we can implement an efficient and effective care guide solution to support your
clinical team and deliver on the promise of health equity. Contact us for valuable insights and

discover how Guideway Care can make a positive impact on patient outcomes in your
community. Let’s work together to drive a more equitable and effective healthcare system.

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