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(Guideway) Care Guidance Provides Innovative Support to National Nurse Shortage, Serves Hospitals as Extension of Clinical Team

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The onset of COVID-19 posed unprecedented challenges to the global healthcare system. A surge on hospitals, from emergency rooms to intensive care units, revealed vulnerabilities to clinical process and overutilization of nursing and clinical care teams with impacts contributing to staff burnout and high turnover. Now, hospitals and healthcare systems across the country are experiencing a shortage of registered nurses that some, such as The American Nurses Association (ANA), are calling a national crisis.


Value of Care Guidance To Alleviate Non-Clinical Issues

Nurses report that up to 70% of their workload is dedicated to addressing non-clinical patient issues and practical tasks like scheduling follow-up visits, ensuring transportation and attending to a myriad of issues and barriers to care attributed to social determinants of health (SDoH).

The proposition of a care guidance program provides at-risk hospitals and health care facilities with an added level of support that serves as an extension of clinical teams. Designed to alleviate non-clinical workloads and create more efficiency, care guidance helps free up labor and resource capacity so that highly trained nurses can focus on high-value clinical tasks. Guideway care is also proven to reduce readmissions, improve patient satisfaction and health outcomes, and provide health systems with a significant return on investment (ROI).

The Guideway Care Approach

We hire and extensively train Care Guides who successfully address SDoH and disparity-related barriers to accessing quality healthcare. Care Guides build peer-to-patient relationships that identify and resolve non-clinical barriers, escalate clinical issues to the proper clinical teams, and eliminate the consequences of these disparities which are even more pronounced among lower-income, minority and rural populations.

The combined use of our proprietary platform, which guides and informs patient activation, captures and communicates relevant data back to healthcare organizations. These capabilities improve health care provider ability to deliver care centered around patients, consider patients’ unique needs, and deliver care in a way that will generate the best possible patient outcomes.

Guiding the Future of Health Care

A care guidance solution requires collaboration with like-minded partners dedicated to improving health and welfare for entire communities. As your partner, Guidewaydelivers on the promise of health equity.

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