What is Care Guidance?

Care Guidance addresses the gaps in a patient’s care journey that lead to poor outcomes. Care guidance goes beyond mere engagement. It is built on meaningful interactions that drive new, corrective, and compliant actions.

Establishing an effective care guidance solution doesn’t happen overnight.
It takes three critical components.

The Right Technology

Guideway Care GPS is our full-featured, proprietary care guidance platform that leverages AI and machine learning to anticipate needs and prompt/deliver just-in-time communications (human, SMS and email when appropriate) tailored to the disease, patient, and setting. There is no custom EHR integration work required.

Disease and Condition-Specific Protocols

Guideway Care brings disease-specific processes to the care episode. Current processes are documented and understood, opportunities are identified, and gaps are addressed. Our goal is to deliver a process that does not require the clinical team to change their workflows, but we do move non-clinicals tasks off the to-do lists of your clinicians.

Trained, Focused Care Guides

Care Guides serve as the main patient point of contact and establish a peer-to-patient relationship that lowers resistance to sharing information and helps identify additional barriers to care. Nursing staff are freed up from practical, non-clinical tasks so they can focus on high-value, clinical work.

Why Guideway Care Works

Did you know that…
  • 60% of patients fail to complete a prescribed set of steps established for them by their clinical team.
  • More than 78% of patients encounter non-clinical obstacles.
  • Nearly all chronic condition patients report some level of confusion about their discharge instructions or follow up care.
  • 40% of chronic condition patients fail to schedule their follow up appointment without assistance.
Filling these gaps is hard. Analytics can tell you who is at risk; technology can provide a platform for communication. But it takes a peer-to-patient relationship to drive meaningful action and practical solutions. And this relationship must be patient-centric, timely, simplified, consistent, and measured.
Our care guides add a human element that is able to better listen, understand, pivot and respond to patient concerns, needs and practical issues.
Guideway Care builds the peer-to-patient relationship across every aspect of the care journey.

Ensure Access

  • Find a provider
  • Schedule and arranging care
  • Manage provider referrals
  • Deliver broadcast messaging and marketing

Establish a Partnership

  • Identify care gaps
  • Lower barriers to care
  • Drive patient satisfaction—surveys and analytics
  • Collaborate with family and caregivers
  • Assess risk and readiness

Facilitate Navigation

  • Deliver pre-visit education
  • Deliver discharge education
  • Enable longitudinal care planning and adherence
  • Support wayfinding
  • Drive visit planning and preparation
  • Ensure post-visit follow up
As a result, we routinely lower no-shows by more than 50%, increase consults, procedures, and appointments by 20-30%, and drive patient satisfaction to a 90th+ percentile HCAHPS score.

Delivering at the Lowest Total Cost of Performance

Guideway Care delivers care guidance at the lowest total cost of performance.
We do this by…
  • Moving “practical issue resolution” (e.g. finding transportation to a follow-up visit) to Care Guides (saving your nurse and social worker resources for more complex problems)
  • Leveraging disease- and condition-specific protocols that are repeatable and scalable
  • Opening RN capacity to focus on clinical/high-value issue resolution
  • Establishing a communication workflow that routes patients to Care Guides who can triage the issue and escalate as appropriate and based on the provider’s preferred workflow