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Guideway Care Announces Program Results:
Meeting Goals of New CMS Enhancing Oncology Model

Meeting Goals Of New Cms Enhancing Oncology Model

Inequalities in cancer care are linked to Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) and healthcareorganizations must resolve to not only talk about the issue, but to also take actions to eliminate the barriers caused by health-related social needs.

Guideway Care reports compelling results of its approach to successfully address the objectives of the Enhancing Oncology Model (EOM), a five-year voluntary model announced by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Our proven Service as a Solution helps oncology practices achieve EOM program goals which aim to improve quality and reduce costs through payment incentives and required participant redesign activities.

For one oncology program operating under a Value-Based Care model for three years, Care Guides:

  • Initiated 70K encounters with 6k patients
  • Resolved 98% of barriers
  • Conducted 135K activities
  • Drove greater than 58% improvement in Medicare oncology patient first visit adherence

Oncologists claim SDoH significantly impact outcomes for cancer patients. The American Cancer Society acknowledges that a prognosis for cancer is correlated with the quality of care receive based on SDoH factors. Guideway Care studies shown that more than 80% of the identified barriers do not require clinical escalation, which substantially improves capacity within the partner client’s clinical team. 

Our approach is documented to deliver a 3-8x ROI for cancer programs, with 90th percentile patient satisfaction ratings and 60% decrease in ICU admissions for cancer patients.

The Guideway Care Approach

We hire and extensively trains Care Guides who successfully address SDoH and disparity-related barriers to accessing quality healthcare. Care Guides build peer-to-patient relationships that identify and resolve non-clinical barriers, escalate clinical barriers to the proper clinical teams, and eliminate the consequences of these disparities which are even more pronounced among lower-income, minority and rural populations.

The combined use of our proprietary platform, which guides and informs patient activation, captures and communicates relevant data back to healthcare organizations, such as data elements required under the EOM. These capabilities directly address EOM aspirations to improve health care providers’ ability to deliver care centered around patients, consider patients’ unique needs, and deliver cancer care in a way that will generate the best possible patient outcomes.

Guiding the Future of Health Care

A care guidance solution requires collaboration with like-minded partners dedicated to improving health and welfare for entire communities. As your partner, Guideway delivers on the promise of health equity.

Please contact us if you have questions or need support. For more information on Guideway Care and to view our selection of case studies and white papers. Visit Guideway Care.

Read more in our latest press release here.

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