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Unlocking Health Equity: An Insider’s Guide to the ACO REACH Model

Are you curious about the changes that could revolutionize healthcare for indigenous and Native American communities? Watch our video below to unravel the intricate web of Medicare reforms with an exclusive interview featuring Craig Parker, CEO, Guideway Care, on Native News Online.

In this enlightening conversation, Levi Rickert, host, Native Bidaské, Native News Online, and Craig delve deep into the recent Medicare changes, particularly the ACO Reach Model. This groundbreaking framework aims to advance health equity, expand coverage and enhance health outcomes for millions, including indigenous and Native American populations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Health Equity at the Forefront: Discover how the ACO Reach Model is driving transformative changes by focusing on health equity. Understand how this model empowers underserved communities through innovative payment approaches and robust health equity plans.
  • Provider Leadership and Governance: Learn how the ACO Reach Model promotes provider leadership and governance, ensuring that healthcare providers play a central role in accountable care. Find out how beneficiaries’ voices are incorporated into governing bodies.
  • Protecting Beneficiaries and the Model: Explore the measures implemented to align participants’ interests with the CMS vision, including rigorous screening, monitoring and transparency. Uncover how these measures safeguard against inappropriate coding and risk score growth.
  • Integration of Care Guidance: Gain insights into the critical role of care guidance programs in enhancing patient outcomes. Understand how these programs empower patients to overcome non-clinical barriers, allowing clinical teams to focus on core healthcare tasks.

During this interview, Craig breaks down the complexities of this model making it accessible and relevant to all listeners. He emphasizes the importance of communication between patients and healthcare providers, highlighting that proactive engagement can significantly impact health outcomes.

This interview provides a unique opportunity to grasp the intricacies of Medicare reforms and their potential to improve healthcare access and outcomes for indigenous and Native American communities.

Don’t miss this enlightening interview that could change the way you perceive healthcare. Tune in to Native News Online and be part of the conversation on health equity, accountable care and the future of healthcare for all.

Guiding the Future of Equitable Healthcare

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