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The Top Patient Retention Strategies For Healthcare Practices

The Top Patient Retention Strategies For Healthcare Practices

If patients go to another provider, you could lose several hundred thousand dollars each time it occurs. Of course, if there are significant reasons for their departure, then it could represent underlying issues, such as your patient service or level of care.

So no matter what kind of healthcare practice you have, it’s essential to achieve profitability by improving patient retention. In this blog post, let’s explore some of the most powerful healthcare retention strategies that you can implement today.

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Retention Strategies In Healthcare

Improve Your Communication

Poor communication can impact the patient’s perspective of their experience. Strong communication, on the other hand, creates a better relationship between your patient care support team and in-house medical team.

Interaction Between Visits

Aim to have some interactions with your patients between appointments. From diagnosis to treatment, there are various reasons to reach out to a patient.

Even something simple like a personalized healthcare tip that’s automatically sent out to that patient can go a long way in building rapport and trust.

Simplify Your Appointment Scheduling

Use an SMS system or other automated appointment confirmation system. This prevents no-shows and makes it more convenient for patients to know when they need to follow up with your healthcare center.

Invest In Your Website

The more professional your website, the better your patient’s perspective will be of your practice. Therefore, your website can be an excellent source for improving retention rates.

Reduce Wait Times

Patients prefer shorter wait times now more than ever. Optimize your waiting room workflow to ensure patients can come and go efficiently.

Create Patient Surveys

Ask your patients directly for their feedback. Ask them what they would improve and about their positive experiences. If you notice multiple negative responses around the same theme, this may be an opportunity to improve your healthcare practice.

Be Proactive About Your Online Presence

Reviews, ratings, and other social proof are essential for your healthcare’s reputation. Make sure you’re investing in online reputation management. By continually getting excellent reviews, you’ll increase your patient flow and ultimately your financial results.

Train Your Staff For Customer Service

Patients are human beings that want to be treated with respect and compassion. Ensure that your staff is not just trained in medicine, but also in having empathy and concern for all of your patients.

Be Readily Available For Inbound Communication

Invest in a healthcare call center or another way to answer incoming calls. If patients reach a voicemail and aren’t able to speak to someone from your practice, they may be left with a bad impression.

Improve Your Patient Management Strategy

With Guideway Care, you can enhance your patient retention, ultimately increasing revenues and maximizing patients’ health outcomes.

We provide services to a variety of healthcare practices to decrease complications, improve finances, and maximize care. So reach out today to learn how we can help your medical practice going forward.

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