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The Impact Of AI On Health Equity

The Impact Of AI On Health Equity

AI is becoming increasingly popular across the world, and it also promises to change healthcare as we know it. In fact, AI can help enhance health equity. This is both true at the point of care and with regard to decision making in clinical practice.

So in this article, let’s talk about how data and AI can advance healthcare equity and improve equity in your practice.

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The Role Of AI In Health Equity

Hospitalization Prediction

Patients, particularly in underserved communities, may not have access to proper care. One way that AI can help with equity is by predicting the likelihood that they will be hospitalized. This can help avoid inpatient admission.

It can also address interventions and prevent outcomes in advance that may be detrimental to a patient’s health. Furthermore, it can reduce costs. If you know how to properly plan for increased admissions, you can implement the correct staffing ahead of time.

While it can be difficult to collect socioeconomic data, geographic and location-based data can sometimes be helpful regarding predictions. Therefore, AI and healthcare can be used to enhance quality based on serving your local market.

Additional Impact Of Data And AI On Health Equity

AI is useful for health equity in terms of algorithms that can look at Medicaid, Medicare, or ACA populations depending on the covered groups. From here, scientists can look at socioeconomic data to see which care may be most appropriate at a clinical level. Instead of using inherent biases, you can let the data do the heavy lifting of deciding the best treatment available.

This is advancing health equity across patient spectrums and ultimately provides the best outcomes no matter where the person is from.

Improving Data Variety

Having a large variety of data is important when it comes to health practices. No one person is the same. Looking at blood samples, DNA, ECG monitoring, and all other kinds of data available to practice is essential.

AI can congregate this data and then make pattern-based decisions from it. It can do this much faster than a human can do. Even a doctor can’t process that much information at once. Therefore, AI can help equity by finding unique issues or health profiles that may have otherwise been invisible.

Achieve Equity with AI

Data and AI’s impact on health equity are not going away. The practices that use these to their full potential will be able to provide enhanced health equity and patient outcomes in their markets. If you want to increase patient satisfaction and break down barriers to care, then you’re in the right place.

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