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Guideway Care Success Stories

Lowered Unnecessary Utilization in Cancer

The Challenge

Following the success of a $15M CMMI pilot, this system wanted to enhance its lay navigation program to drive ongoing support for cancer patients. The goal was to continue to deliver patient activation at scale while lowering overall program costs.

Guideway’s Solution

Leveraging Guideway Care’s novel technology platform, cancer-specific lay navigation protocols, and trained care guides, the system expanded the program to cover more than 80,000 encounters and 5,600 patients.

Results Delivered

More than 135,000 patient activities have been completed, and +6000 care barriers have been identified—of which, 98.39% have been resolved within an average timeframe of 9.6 days. Platform implementation drove a 93 percent reduction in program cost–without impacting scale or effectiveness.

Quality outcomes measured as part of the original CMMI grant sustained or improved including:

  • A 29% decrease in ER visits
  • A 55% decrease in hospitalizations
  • A 60% reduction in ICU admissions
  • Patient Satisfaction ratings above 90%

Patient Vignette

Lowering Financial Strain

A Care Guide completed monthly outreach for this cancer patient. The patient mentioned that she was having difficulty affording her medications and asked for any resources available to lower the cost. The Care Guide found a coupon from a discount prescription provider. The Care Guide called the patient with this information right as she was about to overpay for her medications.

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