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Guideway Care Success Stories

Kept Appointments for New Oncology Patients

The Challenge

Ensuring that new oncology patients show up to their first appointment is a critical milestone in the cancer treatment pathway. As COVID-19 pushed rates of appointment adherence down globally, seeing that cancer patients started treatment became even more challenging.

Guideway’s Solution

Care Guidance services were provided to new oncology patients to ensure appointment adherence. Non-clinical patient navigators called patients 1-5 days prior to an appointment to resolve any barriers.

Results Delivered

During the initial COVID peak in early 2020, there was a 52-121% increase in kept appointments for newly diagnosed cancer patients who received additional communication prior to the appointment. The average during all other months was 36% higher.

Patient Vignette

Finding and Engaging with Support

A male patient was diagnosed with breast cancer, and he was having a hard time coping with the diagnosis. The Care Guide was able to find support groups and financial resources specific to men diagnosed with breast cancer. The patient was very thankful for the Care Guide’s thoughtfulness and thoroughness in finding these resources.

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