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Resolving Barriers to Care: Patient Activation is a Step Forward for Health Systems to Advance Health Equity in Value-Based Care

Guideway Care president, Greer Myers, recently contributed to Western Pennsylvania Healthcare News with an article discussing the benefits of a unique solution to patient activation, and how this approach uncovers patient issues stemming from social determinants of health (SDoH). This article can be accessed and viewed in its entirety here.

There is a significant symbiosis between health equity and Value-Based Care (VBC). Tackling inequities improves the lives of patients, while simultaneously benefiting the financial performance of the organizations serving them. The challenge for most VBC organizations is how to take action to reduce inequities efficiently and effectively. The answer is to resolve both non-clinical and clinical barriers to care though a systematic approach, utilizing clinicians only at the highest level of their licensure.

Key Article Points

  • Impact of SDoH on outcomes and health equity
  • A viable solution: high-touch, tech-enabled care guidance
  • Resolving barriers to care improves patient satisfaction and optimal health outcomes
  • Approach lowers total cost of care and raises quality metrics in Value-Based Care arrangements

VBC organizations increasingly recognize that health inequities have a major impact on health outcomes, especially for vulnerable populations. Barriers to accessing care are amplified within the context of a complex disease. Left unaddressed, they harm clinical outcomes, erode quality of life and increase avoidable utilization. There are specific non-clinical barriers such as practical, informational, emotional, familial and spiritual issues that increase the risk of clinical deterioration.

SDoH risk factors exist with the individual patient and their community, typically falling outside of the health system’s visibility and control. These issues constrain the time and resources of clinical staff members who are often compelled to address these challenges.

Vendor-partner relationships with hospitals, health systems, payers and provider organizations can positively impact patient and drive financial and operational improvements. Utilizing trained, non-clinical resources to work with patients and caregivers to understand and resolve their barriers to care results in an effective, efficient and uniform care experience.

Guiding the Future of Health Care

A care guidance solution requires collaboration with like-minded partners dedicated to improving health and welfare for entire communities. As your partner, Guidewaydelivers on the promise of health equity. Our unique Service as a Solution utilizes Care Guides operating within Guideway Care’s proprietary scalable technology-enabled platform to support your healthcare organization’s goals in VBC.

Please contact us if you have questions or need support. For more information on Guideway Care and to view our selection of case studies and white papers, visit

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