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News Alert: Physician’s Practice Publishes “Care Guidance Helps Physician Practices Achieve Health Equity”

Care Guidance Helps Physician Practices Achieve Health Equity

Guideway Care serves as an extension of a physician’s clinical care team:

  • Addresses health equity priorities and patient disparities attributed to SDoH
  • Aligns with objectives of alternative payment and quality programs in value-based care
  • Impacts both patient experience and physician financial performance

In Guideway Care’s most recent publication of “Care Guidance Helps Physician Practices Achieve Health Equity” in Physician’s Practice, author Craig Parker, JD, CPA, CEO, Guideway Care,  explains how health equity priorities are impacting the financial and operational performance of physician practices.  He articulates the steps physician practices must take to implement health equity programs that will successfully address the socioeconomic conditions of all their patients and optimize reimbursement in value-based care (VBC) arrangements. 

The publication reaches physician audiences nationwide who practice at medical centers, health systems, hospitals and medical groups. His article focuses on helping them better manage their practices and patients’ individual needs by adding a Care Guidance solution to their portfolio of services. To read this article in its entirety, click here.

Care Guidance Helping Tackle Patient Disparities Attributed to SDoH

Patients at-risk of problems embedded in social determinates of health (SDoH) frequently require amplified levels of activation and monitoring beyond the provider’s traditional focus on clinical care and instructions. A growing number of physicians are taking a proactive approach to address and resolve non-clinical issues associated with SDoH, realizing how important these factors are to the patient journey and to the management of their practices.

Guiding the Future of Equitable Healthcare

We recognize the importance of addressing SDoH and provide care guidance and health equity programs in a solution as a service model, delivering highly trained “care guides” that operate within a scalable, technology-enabled platform to activate patients and uncover and resolve practical, non-clinical issues and barriers experienced during their care journey.

Contact Guideway Care for more insight into how they could implement an efficient and effective Care Guide solution that delivers on the promise of health equity based on the needs of the patient populations in your community.

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