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NERVES Showcases Care Guidance

Guideway Care provides information, resources and support to help neurosurgery practice managers and administrators strengthen their practices.

“Care Guidance Helps Neurology Groups Advance Health Equity, Impact Patient Outcomes, Achieve Goals of Value-Based Care Arrangements”

Coinciding with National MS Education and Awareness Month, March 2023, NERVES published this article from Guideway Care which focuses attention on social determinants of health (SDoH) and how they impact access, compliance with treatment plans and other health equity/social determinants for neuro patients.

Authored by Craig Parker, JD, CPA and CEO, Guideway Care, the article points to the importance of finding and addressing non-clinical patient issues from outside the clinical environment which can impact access to care.

“As executives responsible and accountable for the operational and financial performance of neurology practice groups, surgery centers or other related care settings increasingly seek to identify and implement programs that specifically address these concerns, Guideway’s care guidance solution can provide an innovative, proven approach with meaningful results,” says Parker. “Additionally, the introduction of new quality payment models that tie physician reimbursement to resolving patient SDoH issues and advancing the goals of health equity require the introduction of this type of program.”

Parker explains that practice managers need to consider additional resources specifically designed to help their clinicians and staff to proactively address and resolve SDoH, with supplemental support services for at-risk patients. He points out that management executives will also discover that these programs enable them to better reach their fiscal goals and improve their positioning in value-based care arrangements.

“Despite the performance improvement that SDoH management programs can deliver, most practices find it difficult to design, build, implement and sustain initiatives on their own,” he advises. “This is a problem because the impacts of disparities and health equity issues have an outsized effect on both physicians and their practices. This is precisely where we can offer help and support.”

Guideway’s care guidance programs consist of components centered on specially selected and highly trained non-clinical “care guides” who are tech enabled and provide an essential human touch to supporting patients. When programs are implemented thoughtfully, care guides are equipped to establish deeper personalized relationship with patients and their families. As a result, they help achieve remarkable outcomes.

“Our entire team is pleased to honor MS patients during MS Awareness Month as well as to support neurosurgery practice managers and administrators in the delivery of high quality, equitable care,” concludes Parker. “Guideway Care serves as an invaluable partner to members of NERVES and embraces a shared goal of generating the best possible clinical outcomes for patients.”

The Neurosurgery Executives’ Resource Value and Education Society – NERVES – was established in 2002 for the purpose of helping neurosurgery practice managers and administrators strengthen their practices. NERVES is the only national neurosurgery organization of its kind.

Guiding the Future of Equitable Healthcare for All Patient Populations

We provide care guidance in a solution as a service model, delivering highly trained Care Guides that operate within a scalable, technology-enabled platform. By following protocoled workflows and escalation paths, Care Guides also ensure that relevant clinical issues are immediately directed to the right member of the clinical team before becoming problematic, challenging and costly to treat.

Contact us today for insight into how Guideway Care, as your partner, can implement an efficient and effective Care Guide solution to support your clinical team and deliver on the promise of health equity based on the needs of the patient populations in your community.

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