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Improving The Cancer Patient Journey

Improving The Cancer Patient Journey

With cancer on the rise, it’s more important than ever that medical practices have the right tools at their disposal to improve the patient journey and help them in a more comprehensive way.

From understanding symptoms to giving more accurate diagnoses to creating mindful therapies, let’s talk about some of the ways that we can improve patient journeys in oncology practices.

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How Can The Patient Journey In Oncology Be Improved?

Here are some strategies for enhancing the oncology patient journey:

Classification Of Symptoms In A Timely Manner

To save time, you need to have an awareness of the detection mechanisms and symptoms.

Various Types Of Cancers

You can use digital technology, video consultations and additional screening methods to diagnose cell changes and detect additional oncological signals.

Focus On The Patient For Diagnosis

Throughout your healthcare practice, you should focus on the patient first to promote greater health equity and outcomes. After all, the diagnosis of oncology can be a cause of uncertainty for patients.

You need to ensure that they are provided with all of the correct information that can reduce stress and uncertainty during this difficult time. Therefore, maintaining an open communication line between specialists and patients is ideal.

Provide Personalized Care Plans

Patients want to feel like their medical providers truly care about them. The best way to achieve this is to create a customized plan of care. You should guide the patient through each step — from diagnosis, all the way to treatment and setting expectations for their new life realities.

That way, they feel that they have someone they can trust on their side and their emotional quality of life is vastly improved.

Tailor Therapy To Every Patient

No patient is identical to any other patient. You should consistently monitor patient conditions and diagnoses in order to provide the best, most customized therapy possible.

While there may be overlaps in the structure or design of different therapy paths, every oncological journey is unique. And therefore, therapy cycles should reflect this.

Implement An Enhancing Oncology Model

An enhancing oncology model (EOM) can drive better financial performance, promote better health equity, and improve your health operations overall.

Important elements of the model include payment incentives, improvements in your program by using data, coordinated cancer care, an improved multi-payer structure, and identifying health disparities in order to improve them. It can allow you to generate better patient outcomes and screen more effectively.

Improve Your Patient Oncological Journey Today

Reach out to Guideway Care, your healthcare support experts. We’ll help you create an oncology model that serves your patients — and your medical practice — at the highest level possible. Let’s create a better world tomorrow, together.

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