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How To Reduce Patient Churn In Healthcare

How To Reduce Patient Churn In Healthcare

In healthcare, no one wants to see high patient churn rates. But reducing patient churn is not a one-size-fits-all approach. You must understand what your patient needs, where they are coming from, and what barriers they may be facing.

In this blog post, let’s explore some of the ways you can decrease your churn rate. The end result will be happier patients, more referrals, and enhanced revenue projections.

The Importance Of Reducing Patient Churn

If your healthcare organization allows patients to churn at a fast pace, then it will be more costly both in terms of time and finances. After all, there is a certain amount of paperwork, verification, and customer service required to onboard any new patient.

Additionally, your patients often need critical care that could prevent lifelong pain, illness, or disabilities. In these cases, if a patient does not stay within your system, they may never get the services they require to live a healthy future.

Strategies To Reduce Patient Churn

Patient retention is a complex concept. That’s why many healthcare practices suffer to master it. However, leveraging the tactics below can go a long way in helping you keep patients on board:

Patient Scheduling

Using the experts at Guideway Care, you can ensure your patients have a better likelihood of showing up at appointments.

We take cultural factors into account — reaching out to patients and offering convenient times, payment structures, and solutions for their preferences. That way, no matter where you or your patients are located, you can provide quality care.

Insurance Verification

One of the largest barriers today to getting care is insurance. Many Americans cannot afford to receive medical services if paying out of pocket.

By addressing the insurance dilemma early on, you can approve more patients for care. This reduces strain on your staff while increasing profit.

Patient Engagement

If a patient does not feel engaged by their healthcare provider, they are very likely to churn. After all, everyone wants to feel like their doctor and medical staff treating them truly cares.

Implementing quality patient engagement campaigns can drastically reduce your churn percentage. You can reach out at key moments when patients are historically likely to churn in order to continue providing health services and improving their life.

Improve Your Patient Retention Rate

Reach out to the experts at Guideway Care today. We will help you craft payment models, patient retention strategies, enrollment campaigns, and more.

You deserve to help as many patients as possible — that’s the best outcome for them, your physicians, and all of your employees. So don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation now.

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