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Guideway Care CEO, Craig Parker, Serves as Panelist on Consumer Centric Care During UAB’s 40th Annual National Symposium for Healthcare Executives

Craig Parker

Customer-centric healthcare is now a mandate for all stakeholders in healthcare delivery. Patients – the ‘customers’ who are the consumers of healthcare services – matter most.

These tenets of healthcare consumerism are embedded in the Guideway Care holistic approach to patient-centric care. Built upon a powerful foundation of specially trained and managed care guides, evidence-based protocols and innovative technology to proactively resolve clinical and non-clinical barriers to accessing care, Guideway applies the human touch: people and technology working together to address the needs of all patients. This is an approach that improves individual health outcomes, enhances patient satisfaction, and is transforming the delivery of health services in today’s Value-Based Care environments.

Guideway Care’s chief executive officer, Craig Parker, will share his perspective on consumer centric care as a session panelist during the University of Alabama’s (UAB) 40th Annual National Symposium for Healthcare Executives,  Friday, Oct. 21, in Birmingham.

Attended by healthcare leaders from throughout the nation, this year’s symposium theme is Courageous Leadership for a Changing Future. Craig Parker will join co-panelists Eric Wallace, MD, Director, UAB Telemedicine and Vincent Turner, FACHE, Assistant Vice President, Continuum of Care, St. Bernard’s Healthcare. Tom Lee, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Press Ganey, will moderate.

For more information on this event click here.

Advancing Health Equity Through Consumer-Centric Value-Based Care

Guideway Care addresses the entire spectrum of a person’s health, including socioeconomic challenges. We recognize that at-risk populations may be especially vulnerable to the issues associated with social determinants of health (SDoH), such as race, ethnicity, language proficiency, age, socioeconomic status, place of residence and disability.

Our Care Guides provide incredible value, supporting all patients with information and an amplified level of guidance that enables each person to make better decisions about their own health based upon their individual needs. It’s a proven approach for advancing health equity.

Our approach strategically shifts the focus to the consumers themselves and better involves them in their own care processes. When patients are empowered with information and guidance, they are more likely to understand their own health risks and treatment options and to take an active role in making their own decisions. This also leads to greater engagement in preventative care which can help save money, improve self-esteem and quality of life, and advance better compliance with treatment recommendations.

Guiding the Future of Healthcare

A care guidance solution requires collaboration with like-minded partners dedicated to improving health and welfare for entire communities. As your partner, Guideway care delivers on the promise of health equity.

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