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Care Guidance Holds the Key to Reducing Hospital Re-Admissions

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Why Care Guidance?

  • Hospital Readmission Rates Impact Costs: unplanned readmissions cost Medicare a staggering $26 billion annually, straining healthcare budgets, eroding quality-of-care and the patient experience and impeding provider/health system value-based care arrangements.
  • Non-Clinical Issues Stall Health Equity: social factors, including socioeconomic status and race contribute to health inequities and readmission risks. Patients facing these disparities are at a higher risk of readmission within 30 days of discharge for chronic conditions.
  • Care Guidance Solution Reduces Readmissions:  specially trained care guides work with patients, using tech-enabled platforms to identify and proactively resolve non-clinical barriers to accessing care. 

Guideway Care’s latest article in Healthcare Business Today highlights the innovative approach of care guidance in reducing hospital admissions/re-admissions. Readers learn the value of addressing non-clinical issues and social factors to achieve better patient outcomes. This article delves into the value that a care guidance solution brings to support hospitals and healthcare organizations to meet their goals for value-based care. This approach helps reduce readmissions and improve patient experience, ultimately advancing health equity and enhancing the overall quality of care delivery.

Guiding the Future of Equitable Healthcare

At Guideway Care, we are committed to transforming healthcare and advancing health equity. Our Care Guidance Solution offers a game-changing approach to reducing preventable hospital readmissions and addressing health disparities.

With specially selected and tech-enabled “care guides,” we establish a peer-to-patient relationship that proactively supports patients through their healthcare journey. By identifying and resolving non-clinical barriers before they become problematic and costly, we ensure the right care at the right time and place. As your partner, we can implement an efficient and effective care guide solution to support your clinical team and deliver on the promise of health equity. Contact us for valuable insights and discover how Guideway Care can make a positive impact on patient outcomes in your community. Let’s work together to drive a more equitable and effective healthcare system.

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