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Practical Barrier Resolution—Impact to Nursing Staff

Free Your Nurses to Focus on Clinical Work

Nurses report that up to 70% of their workload is dedicated to non-clinical, practical tasks like scheduling follow-up visits and ensuring transportation.
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Guideway Care’s Patient Advocates and Care Guides identify and resolve the practical, emotional, and social barriers that impact a patient’s ability to adhere to a care path. They also serve as an escalation point. As they identify potential clinical gaps, they engage and inform nursing staff of a possible problem.
The result? Better patient engagement, lower barriers to care, and freed nursing capacity to focus on high-value, clinical work.
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In a recent analysis, 98.39% of the patient barriers identified were resolved through Guideway Care’s non‑clinical care guidance.
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5X-force Multiplier for Nursing Staff

Care and access gaps (socioeconomic, education, communication, support) increase risk and take time and resources to address. While analytics can identify possible risk and technology can facilitate communication – they can’t establish a patient-peer relationship that leads to real, meaningful problem-solving.
Guideway Care combines journey and disease-aligned protocols, appropriately skilled resources, and a smart care guidance platform to lower barriers, improve patient compliance, improve outcomes, and lower non-clinical demands on nursing staff.

Increase Adherence

  • Deliver timely, continuous, simplified patient engagement techniques
  • Build a peer-patient relationship that helps uncover hidden barriers to care
  • Improve patient satisfaction and retention

Improve Navigation

  • Route patients to the most appropriate site of care
  • Ensure compliance with care plans
  • Lower barriers to care
  • Provide practical education and support where needed

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