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Action Gap Assessment

A Deep Look Into Your Organization

Guideway Care’s Action Gap Assessment is a readiness assessment designed to evaluate your health system’s preparedness for implementing personalized patient engagement and patient guidance using specialized non-clinical care guides, tested protocols, and an advanced technology platform. All components should fit seamlessly and coordinate efficiently with existing clinical care teams and technology as well as integrate with relevant community resources. The successful implementation of a care guidance program has a direct impact on effectiveness and sustainability.

Guideway Care’s origins in the Patient Care Connect program have yielded an in-depth understanding of how to successfully implement and maintain an effective care guidance program. In order to bring the same level of success to your organization, Guideway’s subject matter experts will examine your current environment, carefully diagnose any existing barriers or weaknesses, and provide recommendations for necessary workflow changes to achieve success in care guidance.

Critical Success Factors

Our Care Guidance Action Gap Assessment has 8 critical success components that will be assessed:

  1. Goals and Objectives
  2. Enterprise Environment and Technology Readiness
  3. Patient/Population Understanding
  4. Patient/Population Interaction and Collaboration
  5. Patient Compliance and Behavioral Change
  6. Communication Coordination
  7. Organizational Culture and Readiness
  8. Non-Clinical Gaps and Barriers

Report Card

Guideway Care will assess your organization’s readiness through review of client documents, onsite observations, and interviews with physicians, nurses, administrators and other key stakeholders. Our proprietary scoring tool will be used to analyze the data gathered, and ultimately provide your organization with a final report that includes:

  1. Executive Summary of Findings
  2. Narrative Summary of Findings
  3. Detailed Gap Scoring
  4. Potential Impact
  5. List of Specific Gaps Identified
  6. Additional Assessor Observations
  7. Next Step Recommendations