Guideway Care Success Stories

Continuous Connection That Improves Outcomes

Lowering Barriers and Driving Health Equity at Scale

The reasons behind avoidable deterioration, care utilization, and readmissions are largely beyond your control. Nearly 60 percent of a patient’s risk is tied to social, environmental, and behavioral factors that fall outside the health system or care episode (Samantha Artiga, 2018).
In a study of 1,066 readmitted patients, more than half (52%) had trouble in multiple self-care domains, including transportation, education, food insecurity, and housing instability (Greysen SR, 2017). And in a recent Guideway Care analysis of close to 1,000 navigated patients, the two biggest drivers behind readmissions were scheduling follow-up appointments and medication adherence, both of which are heavily influenced by transportation needs and financial barriers.
Guideway Care delivers a proven, scalable solution that creates continuous connection with patients and members to solve for the barriers driving poor health outcomes.
Healthcare organizations look to us because we have the right balance of person/patient-specific technology, trained, focused guides, and disease and condition-specific protocols to:
Reduce Health Inequity
We find and solve the countless practical issues embedded in socioeconomic determinants of health.
Close Gaps
We establish a peer-to-patient relationship that more efficiently closes known gaps and uncovers hidden risks.
Drive Down High-cost Chronic Care
We proactively escalate risk and route to the next-best site of care.
Increase Adherence and Compliance
We ensure follow up and understanding.
Improve Satisfaction
We establish stronger connections and relationships.


Start Driving
Patient Action.