Guideway Care offers care guidance services built on a powerful foundation of specially trained and managed care guides, evidence-based protocols, and innovative technology that bridges the gaps patients experience as they navigate the health care system.

Providers bear increasing accountability for a patient’s whole health, though clinical health care is only one relatively small factor in a patient’s overall health. By supporting patients with evidence-based, non-clinical interventions, care guidance provides patients with a better experience of care, and gives providers a vital tool they need to improve whole-person health as they redesign care teams.

Patients and their families, physicians, hospitals, ACOs, health plans and employers all have a stake in improving health care and reducing unnecessary spending. As alternative payment models speed the shift to value-based care, health care stakeholders must think differently about how to provide higher quality care while controlling costs. Care guidance is the critical tool needed to effectively impact non-clinical determinants of health.
Guideway Care tailors care guidance programs for specific patient populations, and can deploy services within various settings. To learn more about care guidance, or to learn about who and where we serve, follow the links below.

What is Care Guidance?

Guideway Care’s care guidance services bridge the gaps patients experience when navigating the health care system, in addition to addressing many non-clinical factors that impact patient outcomes and experience. The services are specifically designed to provide psychosocial support while responding to issues arising from various aspects in social determinants of health. Learn more about the various aspects of Guideway’s care guidance services.

Who We Serve

Guideway Care exists to serve patients and their care teams with a proven, technology-enabled care guidance program that integrates with a hospital’s current care team. We support and extend the capabilities of your nurses and clinical providers, improving their efficiency and job satisfaction. Learn more about the various settings in which we serve, including hospitals, health plans, ACOs, and employers.