COVID-19 Response

Support and Extend Your Care Team

Are you expecting to be short of nurses during the COVID-19 crisis? Are you looking for ways to use non-clinical resources to extend your clinical teams? Are technology solutions failing to protect your teams from the tidal wave of need being expressed by patients?

We offer highly trained, non-clinical Care Guides that can be activated immediately to support and extend your clinical care team.

Care Guides, working remotely and guided by a highly efficient, disease-specific structured workflow platform, connect with patients via phone and engage deeply in a peer-to-patient relationship. Our Care Guidance service, which also includes AI-driven workflows and digital communication tools, is proven to be incredibly effective at keeping patients healthy and out of the hospital, as well as dealing with all of the non-clinical issues, questions and concerns that are impacting patients and causing them to deluge your limited nurse resources.

“In these unprecedented times of social isolation, self-quarantine, and limited resources, the health care community is working hard to continue to provide excellent care to our patients. Thankfully, for almost a year, we have had the unique opportunity to work with Guideway, a program that provides telephone contacts to our patients. These telephone contacts have become a lifeline to our patients with chronic diseases. They afford us the opportunity to proactively intervene when a patient is having difficulties. As we see others try to rapidly develop telephone outreach programs, we feel we are ahead of the curve.”
– Nurse Practitioner at a Major Academic Medical Facility

COVID-19 Pre-screening Protocol

Guideway Care also offers a COVID-19 pre-screening protocol, which we are prepared to quickly deploy to healthcare facilities as needed. We want to ensure that patient populations are receiving proactive and informative care in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. Guideway Care’s digital capabilities equip us with the ability to perform widespread outreach to a large number of patients in a short amount of time, helping healthcare organizations more quickly identify potential cases. Our pre-screening process utilizes both automated and remote tools to efficiently pre-screen patients, immediately escalating possible cases to the appropriate clinical resource and providing disease-specific information to patients while helping protect the capacity of clinical teams.

Guideway Care is ready to help your healthcare organization during the COVID-19 outbreak with Care Guidance services that support and extend your care team. Contact us via the form below to request more information, or call 844-492-7284.