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Care Guidance for OCM

The Risks and Rewards of OCM

The Oncology Care Model (OCM) represents an opportunity for clinical teams to exercise full control over patient care in order to achieve the dual goals of higher quality of care at lower costs. These benefits come with added risk to providers, who have to find effective, efficient ways to manage patients in order to avoid negative financial impacts.

Track Patients Effectively

In order to succeed under the OCM, you have to be able to track patients throughout a treatment episode. Guideway’s care guidance program extends your care team beyond facility walls, enabling you to support and monitor patients to keep them on track.

Drive Patient Behavior

Guideway’s program of disease-specific care guidance is designed to educate patients and empower them in their care. Guideway provides non-clinical interventions that actually change patient behavior, teaching them how to proactively address potential issues and routing patients to the most appropriate care settings.

Guideway Care reduces unnecessary utilization/cost of care and improves patient compliance and satisfaction. Request more information about how Guideway can help you succeed under OCM today.