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Guideway Care serves patients and providers with proven, technology-enabled care guidance. Guideway’s program of person-to-person and technology-enabled non-clinical interventions is designed to improve outcomes and increase patient satisfaction. Care guidance goes beyond mere patient navigation, creating patient behavioral change and uncovering and addressing barriers hidden within social determinants of health, as well as bridging gaps patients experience within their journey of care. The care guidance program includes several components, including specially trained and managed care guides, disease- and condition-specific, evidence-based protocols, a comprehensive care guidance technology platform, and a digital valet that support patients and their care guides.

Guideway Care serves patients and providers in a variety of settings, including hospitals, health plans, ACOs, and employers. By helping address the non-clinical factors that have a large impact on overall patient health, Guideway helps providers improve patient outcomes, increase patient satisfaction, reduce unnecessary utilization, and meet and exceed quality requirements for Alternative Payment Models (APMs).

Guideway Care has its roots in Patient Care Connect (PCC), a CMMI-funded lay navigation program that spanned twelve cancer centers across five states. The program boasted impressive reductions in unnecessary utilization rates, as well as significant improvements in patient satisfaction. Independently audited and validated savings reached nearly $4,100/quarter per patient during the acute care phase, with similar savings in the last six months of life, as well as HCAHPS care transitions scores in the 95th percentile or above among U.S. hospitals. The proven program that began with PCC and continues now with Guideway Care provides a better patient experience and a concrete way to improve the quality and experience of care while reducing unnecessary costs.

Guideway Care is headquartered in Birmingham, AL.


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