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Protect Your Employees With GuideSafe & Guideway Care

The GuideSafe Platform of COVID-19 risk mitigation tools developed by the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), along with the Guideway Care Contact Center, gives employers the tools and support they need to help protect employees and get back to work safely.

The suite of COVID-19 risk mitigation technology and support includes:

  • GuideSafe Healthcheck is a COVID-19 assessment tool that allows individuals nationwide to report COVID-19 health status, symptoms and exposure
  • The GuideSafe Exposure Notification App facilitates self-reporting and automates alerts to individuals with previous proximity or close contacts with a later diagnosed COVID-19 person
  • GuideSafe Event Passport is a COVID-19 assessment tool for meetings, conferences and events of more than 10 people
  • The Guideway Care Contact Center responds to requests for education on benefits related to COVID-19, next steps for issues raised within the online tools, and more

Take action now to protect the health of your employees and keep your organization moving forward safely.

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