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Business and Operational Recovery

Recovering from the financial blow dealt by COVID-19 is a serious challenge for providers.

  • Do you have the right capabilities?
  • Where should you focus first?
  • Can you avoid practice-killing mistakes?

We can help your network’s practices recover quickly.

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Your New Challenge

In order to recover, your practices will have to operate at more than 100% of your previous “max” capacity. It is possible, but will require you to protect clinical focus, increase clinical capacity, and eliminate scheduling gaps while simultaneously delivering an optimal patient experience.

Recovery Will Require Specific Capabilities

Experts are highlighting the need for an expanded set of capabilities to address the issues practices will face. Our services are empowered by smart technologies and are designed to:

  • Eliminate scheduling gaps
  • Efficiently manage patients
  • Increase the efficacy of crucial non-clinical outreach
  • Remove non-clinical tasks from the workloads of your doctors and nurses
  • Reduce the cost of care

We offer a full suite of services for Rapid Operational & Business Recovery that can be rapidly deployed to support your hospital’s practices, including:

Patient Optimization Services

Guideway Care’s comprehensive patient management capabilities improve the efficiency and experience of care at every touchpoint. Services include:

  • Medical call center (inbound/outbound calls, scheduling, preregistration, insurance verification, etc.)
  • Nurse line
  • Telehealth
  • Patient portal
  • Chronic care management
  • Digital outreach
  • Complete appointment services
  • Directions/parking instructions
  • Timely procedure prep instructions
  • Personalized patient education
  • Follow-up and monitoring
  • New COVID-19 visit instructions/protocols

Care Guidance Efficiency Services

Guideway’s Care Guidance services provide ongoing, consistent support for patients and bridge any gaps they may encounter throughout their care journey, and are proven to reduce the total cost of care while increasing patient satisfaction scores. Our non-clinical Care Guides:

  • Schedule preventive care – increase Annual Wellness Visits, screenings, and other preventive services.
  • Perform follow-up and monitoring – efficiently conduct follow-up tasks and ensure that potential issues are proactively identified and addressed.
  • Identify and address barriers to care – find and resolve the issues and barriers that could hinder patients from achieving an optimal outcome.
  • Increase patient compliance – improve outcomes and reduce the cost of care by improving patient compliance with clinical instructions.

New Patient Acquisition Services

Our tailored marketing solutions drive more leads to practices with:

  • Digital marketing – SEO and PPC campaigns that drastically increase your website presence across the major search engines.
  • Online seminars – engaging, compelling online health seminars designed to attract leads and convert them to patients.
  • Educational videos – easily educate and engage prospective patients with online medical educational videos.
  • Website creation and optimization – engage, inform and connect with patients in real time, around the clock, from any device, with a responsive website that’s tailored to your hospital’s practice.
  • Advertising – digital and traditional marketing solutions that help you stand out from other healthcare organizations in your area.

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